2011 Sale Exceeds Expectations! Tops $8000, Averages $4113

We were delighted to welcome Hamish Williams of the 106 year old Turihaua stud in New Zealand who visited Glengowan for the sale. Off the plane and straight onto a motorbike, Hamish was kept busy for his whole time here. Not only was he put to work all day with the boys he also kept up the Kiwi side admirably after hours in the face of three late nights in a row, all with different lots of guests with their own colourful perspectives on the All-Blacks.

About 120 people attended the sale and the highest priced bull was sold to G and M Swift of Eugowra who purchased a Turihaua Crumble son, Glengowan Empire E66 for the top price of $8000. Another 30 bulls were sold for an average of $4100 and several more were sold immediately after the sale. We had expected a few to be passed in and have learnt a lesson in regard to sale weights which we will take on board for next year.

However the top price and the average were both above what we hoped for so we were very pleased with the results for our first sale and glad several local buyers could leave with a good quality, affordable bull. Another huge thank you too to everyone who contributed to the first Glengowan bull sale, pre and post – All the buyers and bidders, Elders, Jim Maher, Andy McGeoch, John, Daryl, Kim, Cecily, Keith, Jasmine, Cassandra, Andrew, John, Doug and Hamish. We are heading to Melbourne in the last week of September then The Great Ocean Road and the Grampians for a bit of R and R. Then back to start working towards the 2012 sale!. Don’t forget to check out a couple of newspaper articles about the sale and you can also join us on FACEBOOK – Glengowan Angus.

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