Glengowan Sale Thursday 20 September 2012

On offer this year are sons of Tangihau 672 (leader for conception in the Angus Australia Bench-marking program), Glengowan Ulysses U122, Gladiator of Stern 0768, Glengowan Chisholm C17, Tangihau 150 and Te Mania Infinity. We personally source the best NZ genetics on offer each year and we are pleased this year’s lot of bulls show the attributes we are aiming for in our breeding program; excellent constitutions, moderate frames, sound structure and good growth.

We also have always placed a great deal of importance upon our maternal strengths here and each sale bull has many generations of Glengowan breeding behind him.

We hope you will join us at Glengowan on sale day for our Big Beef BBQ lunch and a chance to catch up with other breeders. Please contact us if you would like to receive a catalogue.

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