Glengowan Secures Semen Rights For Kaharau 844

As we find every year, there was a great diversity in the bulls on offer and once again there was one bull which stood out for everyone. This year that bull was Kaharau 844, who achieved a whopping $47000 on sale day with most of the major NZ breeders doing their best to secure him. As auctioneer Bruce Orr said, “The most important day in your breeding program is the day you buy your genetics”.

We would like to thank Mr John Bayly, purchaser of 844 for allowing Glengowan to purchase the Australian semen rights. Photos and information about this outstanding sire will be available at our open day.

Thanks too to all our friends in NZ who always make us, ‘The Aussies’ feel welcome. Special thanks to Roger Keach of PGG Wrightson who knows the business of cattle in NZ like the back of his hand and whose help is always invaluable.

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